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About the band

Autumn Stay consists of 5 very talented musicians in the Waco, Tx area. Dani Blizzard (vocals), Zak Clarke(drums), Stephen Troyce Harold Douglas(lead guitar), Jonnii Palos(rhythm guitar), Jackson Smith(bassist), and Ryan Herwald(temp bassist). 
The band formed in February of 2011 when Dani moved to Killeen with her roommate, Zak. She thrives on music and decided it was killing her not following her dream by forming a band and writing music. Zak agreed that he would love to play drums again and that's when the search began.
Shortly after searching the members were found and Autumn Stay was formed. Autumn Stay is more than just about writing music. Every song written has been inspired lyrically by true events, and every riff written expresses a different emotion that they couldn't convey with words. Autumn Stay expresses themselves in the best way they can, through their music.